Death of 19-year-old in Kasaragod not due to food poisoning; police awaits chemical test result

The death of Anju Sreeparvathy, 19, a resident of Benur in Perumbala here on Saturday need not be due to food poisoning, as per the preliminary post-mortem report.

Post-mortem report

According to the report, the cause of death was liver failure. It is also reported that she was suffering from jaundice. The internal organs have been sent for chemical analysis for clarity. The information emerged in the post-mortem examination conducted at Government Medical College Hospital, Kannur.

Earlier, there were allegations that the woman had died of food poisoning after consuming food procured online from a restaurant in Kasaragod.

What police says

Kasaragod District Police Chief Vaibhav Saxena that the police had got some evidence related to the death. However, he refused to divulge details. “We are awaiting the result of the chemical test,” he added.

“According to the statement of the doctor who conducted the post-mortem, the findings are not in consonance with the usual food poisoning cases. Chemical testing is very important. Only through it, can the presence of drugs, chemicals, or toxins be confirmed. According to the post-mortem report, the liver is damaged,” Mr. Saxena said.

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