Spread of coronavirus in different forms

A new coronavirus variant — Omicron BF.7 — has been spreading in China, killing thousands of people. When the first Covid-19 wave started in 2020, there was speculation that it emanated from China as a large number of scientists were working on viruses in laboratories in Wuhan city, known for rearing varieties of animals and selling their meat, including that of bat and fast-moving animals, which local people relish.

As such, it was an ideal place for experimenting with viruses of different varieties which can be compiled and their strengths would become tremendous and may be even better than nuclear weapons which scientists working on the project did not know. The viruses were being compiled layer-by-layer and the last one was of bats that spread, triggering the first Covid-19 wave.

The Chinese government tried to control it, but the people who had come there to celebrate Chinese New Year went back to other countries, taking the virus to different parts of the world. Since it was a new virus, it took time for experts in different countries to find some antidote and during this period, a lot of damage was done. It has been observed by scientists that as and when the Chinese fiddled with other layers, some other type of virus reared its head and spread, causing a lot of damage again and again.

It appears that this time, the virus coming out on fiddling with some other layers has gripped China and they are finding it difficult to control. The fresh outbreak has caused a lot of damage, killing thousands of people, as it is alleged to be four-times stronger than previous ones.

The whole world is scared and trying to take measures so that the new variant does not spread and individual cases coming across are being handled effectively.

It is felt that unless all the layers formed in Chinese labs earlier are destroyed, it may continue to cause one or other viruses that may prove even more dangerous. All nations and WHO should impress upon China to destroy these at the earliest.



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