Only 15% of daily sewage is being treated in A.P., says report

Only about 15% of the total sewage generated across urban areas of Andhra Pradesh is being treated every day, and the operational sewage treatment capacity is likely to see a two-fold increase shortly as the State government is going to set up Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in all urban areas with a population of less than one lakh.

According to the Ministry of Jal Shakti’s response to a query in the Rajya Sabha, Andhra Pradesh generates about 2,882 million litres per day (MLD) of sewage and it has an operational capacity to treat 443 MLD currently in the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).

The Ministry cited a report published in 2021 by the Central Pollution Control Board which assesses the sewage generation and treatment capacity available in ULBs.

A.P., however, has an installed treatment capacity (including operational capacity) of 833 MLD through STPs, and capacity enhancement to treat 20 MLD is in the pipeline.

Across the country, over 72,360 MLD of sewage is generated in urban areas and the operational treatment capacity could treat only 26,869 MLD.

Among the southern States, Karnataka has the highest sewage treatment capacity in operation. Out of the 4,458 MLD sewage generated, 43.11% is treated. In neighbouring Tamil Nadu and Telangana, more than 23.20% and 33.87% of sewage generated could be treated in a day.

Kerala has the lowest operational and installed treatment capacity of 114 MLD and 120 MLD against 4,256 MLD sewage generated.

The Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department of the State government has recently taken up the ‘Used Water Management’ in 74 Urban Local Bodies with less than one lakh population under the Swachh Bharat Mission Urban 2.0.

The ₹1,445-crore fund required for the establishment of 228 STPs will be shared by the Centre (₹694.1 crore) and State (₹751.07 crore).

The treated used water could be used for flushing toilets, gardening agriculture, horticulture, industrial, municipal, and water body rejuvenation purposes.

State Sewage Generated (MLD) Installed treatment capacity Operational capacity
Karnataka 4458 2712 1992
Telangana 2660 901 842
Tamil Nadu 6421 1492 1492
Andhra Pradesh 2882 833 443
Kerala 4256 120 114

Source: Ministry of Jal Shakti based on a CBPC report (2021) .

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