Users Loss Almost $8 Million Worth of Assets By CoinEdition

BitKeep Exploitation: Users Loss Almost $8 Million Worth of Assets
  • PeckShield tweeted that almost $8 million worth of assets were stolen from BitKeep.
  • The stolen funds included 4373 BNB, 5.4MUSDT, 196K DAI, and 1233.21 ETH.
  • The exploitation happened after the users were urged to download a hacked APK version by the scammers.

The blockchain analytics and security company PeckShield tweeted that $8 million worth of assets has been stolen from the multichain crypto wallet, BitKeep, possibly because of “downloading a hacked APK version.”

The company, on its Twitter page, announced that several users’ funds including 4373 BNB, 5.4M USDT, 196K DAI, and 1233.21 ETH were among the $8 millions worth of lost assets.

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