Congress state prez alleges BJP govt ‘failed’ to protect wildlife in Goa

Former Goa Congress President Girish Chondankar on Saturday said that the BJP government has failed to protect wildlife in the coastal state.

Chodankar’s remark came a day after state Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane ordered an inquiry into the death of a leopard, found trapped in a wire snare in North Goa district.

“Vishwajit Rane has miserably failed to protect the endangered species and the forest, at large. I am deeply saddened with the news of a leopard being brutally murdered,” said Chodankar, adding that Forest Minister should resign on moral grounds as he failed to take responsibility.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi imports cheetahs from foreign countries and here in Goa tigers and leopards are killed,” he said.

Chodankar said that such incidents never happened during the Congress regime.

“Who are these poachers to whom the Forest Minister is protecting? Doesn’t he know the law under the Wildlife Protection Act?,” Chodankar questioned.

However, Rane on Friday had said that strict action will be taken on those involved in setting traps to kill wild animals.

“Strict action should be taken on such incidents. The practices of killing wild animals by setting traps should be stopped. Such practices can also put people in trouble, hence they should be stopped,” he said, adding people also can get trapped while they move in the areas wherever such traps are laid.

“I have told forest officers to inquire about this incident and to find out who had laid the trap, but it should be without harassing people,” Rane said.

He said that the practices of even killing wild boars using traps also should be stopped. “Even killing wild boars by using firearms should be stopped. We hear about such cases.

“People should follow the law. They should not do illegal things,” Rane said on Friday.

Earlier, in 2020, a tigress and her three cubs were found dead in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary allegedly due to poisoning.



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