BJP should give Rs 22,000 cr first: AAP after LG orders to recover Rs 97 cr

After Delhi Lt Governor V.K. Saxena directed the Chief Secretary to recover Rs 97 crore from Aam Aadmi Party for political advertisements which it published as the government advertisement on Tuesday, AAP said that BJP should give Rs 22,000 crore first, then we will pay the amount.

“The BJP’s various state governments issued advertisements that have been published here in Delhi. We want to ask that when will Rs 22,000 crore spent on the advertisements be recovered from them. The day that money is recovered, we will also give Rs 97 crore,” said AAP MLA Sourabh Bhardwaj said while addressing media on Tuesday.

Now they (BJP) have to say why the advertisements of Delhi are being published outside Delhi. While looking at the newspapers of Delhi for a month, there is no BJP state whose advertisement has not been published in Delhi. Haryana government’s Parshuram Jayanti, Goa’s health service, everyone’s advertisement is being published in Delhi, AAP leader said.

“We have estimated that Rs 22,000 crore have been spent in the advertisements given by the BJP ruled states in other states. First they give Rs 22,000 crore, then we will give Rs 97 crore,” said Bhardwaj.

AAP MLA also questioned the legality of the order of the LG Saxena directing to recover Rs 97 crore from Aam Aadmi Party for political advertisements. Calling it a new love letter, Bhardwaj said the Lieutenant Governor has no power to issue such orders.

AAP leader claimed that “LG saheb is doing everything in accordance with the BJP’s directions, and that is troubling the people of Delhi.”

“LG has no understanding of law. The issues which have been resolved years ago are being raised again just for the headlines,” he said.




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