‘Messi reaches eternity’: Argentine newspapers react to Argentina’s World Cup glory

Lionel Messi inspired Argentina to World Cup glory and has now “reached eternity”.

That was the reaction from La Nacion in Argentina, with the media back home delirious after a third world title secured in Qatar following the absorbing final in Doha, which finished with a penalty shoot-out win over France.

The newspaper adds that Messi “touched the sky in Qatar” and that they and everybody associated with the Albiceleste went “through all the states of mind”.

“Campeones del Mundo” naturally proliferated many of the websites and front pages, while Olé used the play on words for ‘god’ in Spanish, hailing Messi with their headline reading: “Lios is Argentine”.

Clarin first state: “Thank you Messi.” Then theydescribe the “unforgettable” final and add there was “a tremendous explosion of happiness” with more than a million fans gathering at the Obelisco and Avenida 9 de Julio, two of the most iconic points of Buenos Aires.

Perfil state that they are “eternally grateful to the champions”, and the English language Buenos Aires Times leads with “Tears and unrestrained joy”.

While Pagina 12 roll with “The world at their feet” to describe the entire team and that the Argentine national team has a “heroic collective” that led them to the title. Their journalist Jose Luis Lanao writes that “it is spring once again”, with the country’s flag described as “sky blue and white like a cherry blossom illuminated by the open sky”.

Clarin’s Juan Cruz makes a point of summarising the sport: “football is made of roses and thorns”.

Diario De Cuyo described the final as a “heart-stopping” game, with El Dia noting that the fans are “delirious” after a final that “will go down in history”, plus that common headline once more: “Argentina and Messi, champions!”

Messi’s home away from home in Barcelona also paid tribute to him, the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo simply notes: “Messi is the best in history”.

Lionel Messi celebrates winning the World Cup

(Getty Images)

While the Madrid newspapers, usually colder towards the little genius after his rivalry with Real Madrid also laud him.

Marca make a play on words with “Messi Albicelestial”, highlighting the words “yes” he is indeed “heavenly”.

While AS has a similar theme with simply “In the sky” and a picture of Messi on the shoulders of Sergio Aguero celebrating with the trophy aloft.

Corriere dello Sport in Italy go with “MaraDoha” after the late, great Diego Maradona and Messi’s triumph coming in the Qatari capital.

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