Issue executive order using Article 162 to ban online gambling: Anbumani

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) president Anbumani Ramadoss on Monday urged the Tamil Nadu Government to issue an executive order, under Article 162 of the Constitution, to ban online gambling.

In a statement he said the State government has power to issue an executive order when the Bill is awaiting the Governor’s assent, considering the urgency of the matter. The State government should mull alternative options if there is a delay in getting approval for the Bill from the Governor.

Mr. Ramadoss pointed out that the previous regime, AIADMK, had issued an executive order under Article 162 of the Constitution for providing 7.5% horizontal reservation in medical admissions to NEET-qualified State government school students and later the Governor had given assent to a Bill and the High Court had accepted it. The same strategy needs to be adopted for banning online gambling and the State government need not show any hesitancy in passing an executive order and defend it before the court.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement PMK founder S. Ramadoss called for a State education policy which focuses on reducing the weight of school bags and enabling a quality, burden-less and enjoyable education experience for the children.

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