Health in a pouch

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar was trained as a Mechanical Engineer with specialization in thermal engineering from the University of Roorkee (now Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee) where h

The excitement was pulpable. No, it had nothing to do with the World Cup or Messi. And why not? Ever since the announcement regarding introducing a “healthy” substitute for the country liquor, the atmosphere was never so spirited. Distillers from the world over have been thronging the corridors of people who matter, in this matter. Indeed, it was divulged confidentially that several governments from countries that have either concluded Free Trade Agreements with India or are in the process, have approached their Indian counterpart requesting sharing of formula for this healthy drink to be made a key part in FTAs. On the other hand, companies manufacturing commonly-known health and nutritional drinks are racing against the time to acquire this prized license first. Naturally, can anything beat a drink, which is both, healthy and intoxicating? Even the higher judiciary is seized of the matter about fixing minimum legal age for this healthy substitute. 

In a state where country liquor outlets are known very poetically as `Madhu Shala’, the excise department is toying with a new name signifying health aspect of this pouchful of drink. Yet, a neibhouring state that boasts of having more liquor shops than milk booths, is watching gleefully; proud of its foresightedness. But others with total prohibition obviously are in a dilemma, how to square off with something that was so far universally considered antithesis to people’s wellbeing? Were they so preoccupied with recurrent hooch tragedies that they let this marvel of scientific innovation simply pass by them? On the other part of globe, The Nobel Committee for Chemistry too is beside itself, failing to notice this revolutionary discovery in time. Surely, this is the kind of stuff Vishwa Gurus are made of! But, amidst this tumultuous development, marketing slogan had already been trademarked: “Jo piyega woh healthy hoga”!!



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