PJTSAU releases 15 new high-yielding seed varieties

Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) has released 15 new high-yielding seed varieties of paddy (rice), sesame, fodder bajra and black gram through the Central and State Variety Release Committees (CVRC and SVRC) this year.

Giving the details to the media here on Friday, in-charge vice-chancellor of the university M. Raghunandan Rao said that the institution had been striving hard to develop high-yielding varieties in different crops to help farmers, keeping in mind their needs, particularly to improve their income through focused research and extension.

Although the university had come into existence only in 2014, it had released 61 seed varieties in different crops so far. New varieties such as Telanagana Sona, KNM 1638, KNM 118, JGL 24423, Bathukamma and WGL 962 in rice, Karimnagar Makka-1 in maize, PRG-176 and WRGE 97 in red gram and WGG 42, MGG 385 in green gram released earlier had already become very popular not only in Telangana but in the adjoining States too, Mr. Raghunandan Rao said.

This year, eight new varieties developed by the university – five in rice, two in fodder bajra and one in sesame were approved and released through CVRC for cultivation in different States. Another seven varieties – five in rice and one each in black gram and sesame were recommended for release through SVRC meeting held on September 3.

The CVRC too, reviewed the seven varieties on October 26 and approved for release in Telangana after identifying them as promising, the in-charge VC said.

About the newly released rice varieties, Mr. Raghunandan Rao said that they have high head rice recovery, resistance to different biotic and salinity, and super fine grain with very good cooking qualities as their important traits. Further, an aromatic short grain variety in rice, Rajendranagar Vari-3 having similar features of popular local variety, Chittimutyalu with high yield and less height was also included in the list.

In addition, white seeded, export amicable sesame varieties and insect, pest and disease resistant blackgram variety were also among the newly released seed varieties.

The in-charge VC, Registrar S. Sudheer Kumar, and Director of Research R. Jagadeeshwar congratulated the scientists associated with the development of new seed varieties.

New seed varieties


Rajendranagar Vari-1 (RNR 11718), Telangana Rice-5 (RNR 28362), Telangana Rice-6 (KNM 7048), Telangana Rice-7 (KNM 6965), Telangana Rice-8 (WGL 1487)


Telangana Til-1 (JCS 3202)

Fodder Bajra

Telangana Fodder Bajra-1 (TSFB 17-7), Telangana Multi-cut Fodder Bajra-1 (TSFB 18-1)

(all CVRC)


Rajendranagar Vari-3 (RNR 15459), Rajendranagar Vari-4 (RNR 21278), Rajendranagar Vari-5 (RNR 29325), Jagtiala Vari-2 (JGL 28545), Jagtiala Vari-3 (JGL 27356)


Madhira Minumu-1 (MBG 1070)


Jagtiala Til-1 (JCS 1020)

(all SVRC)

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