Centre’s globalisation, liberalisation policies pro-corporates: Kerala CM

The BJP-ruled Centre’s policies of globalisation and liberalisation have created a situation wherein farmers of the country have no hope or social security while big corporates are protected and encouraged at the expense of the general public, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said here on Friday.

Speaking at the All-India Kisan Sabha’s national conference here, Vijayan lashed out at the Centre for its alleged anti-farmer and anti-people policies and claimed that the BJP was trying to divide the country along social, economic and communal lines.

He alleged that while ignoring the plight of the farmers, the Central government was busy protecting big corporates by writing off their debts and providing them with loans at low interest rates.

Besides that, the Centre was more interested in privatising public sector undertakings (PSUs) to fill its coffers rather than try to run them effectively, he claimed.

“However, Kerala has adopted a stand contrary to that of the Centre and this can be seen from its farmer- and labour-friendly policies as well as its taking over of defunct PSUs to run them profitably,” Vijayan claimed.

He blamed the Congress also for adopting a similar stand as that of BJP with regard to privatisation of PSUs.

The Kerala CM also accused the Centre of trying to “financially choke” and “derail development” in non-BJP States which criticise its policies.

“The States ruled by Congress are also facing these problems. But where Kerala is concerned, Congress adopts a stand which is similar to that of BJP,” he alleged.

Vijayan also accused the Centre of trying to saffronise higher education in the State and urged people to oppose such endeavours to allegedly divide the country and create communal conflict among the public.

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